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Sample Vegan Meal Plan and Grocery List

Here's a free sample vegan meal plan and grocery list. When you sign up, we'll create these for you every week, tailored to the number of people in your family.

Here at we make it easy to follow a vegan diet. We are the only vegan meal planning service that creates meal plans for your exact nutritional needs.

All of our meals are quick and simple to make, you can prep a lot of meals on a Sunday so during the week you can just grab them from the fridge.

Unlike other vegan meal planning sites we include a complete nutritional breakdown so you know what you're eating.

When you signup you can enter detailed information about the people you are cooking for and our recipes and grocery lists will automatically adjust to fit their needs!

You can also choose to skip certain meals (maybe you have dinner plans) or you can fast at certain times (maybe you are doing intermittent fasting). Pick your workout days and we'll automatically start carb cycling for you!

Sample Vegan Meal Plan

Below is a sample vegan meal plan. It's a screenshot taken directly from the dashboard.

This plan was designed for a women, age 31, height 165cm, weightt 60kg, who is moderately active and wants to lose weight.

Lunch is always leftovers from the previous dinner and the snacks are all prepared at the beginning of the week.

If you want to make any of these recipes yourself, you can search for them on our recipes page.

Sample vegan meal plan

Grocery List

Here's a screenshot of the grocery list from the dashboard. You can check items off, export the whole list to your todolist app, add extra items like shampoo, etc.

The number next to each item is the the day/s that it's needed. The dropdown next to each item expands to show you what recipes require this ingredient and how much each one needs.

Alternatively, if you'd like to build your own meal plans, we've written a long post about how to build your own vegan grocery list

Grocery list