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Whole grain bread with hummus and cucumber

Whole grain bread with hummus and cucumber

Let’s talk snacks – in particular, whole grain bread with hummus and cucumber. We all love to snack (myself included) and there is no shame in fuelling your body. However, we do need to be careful that we fuel it with the right types of foods so we can maintain/achieve optimal health. But with this recipe, you will never have to worry about that again. 

Besides being a great healthy snack, it also makes for a great breakfast, especially if you’re in a rush. This week we did another recipe very similar to this, so be sure to head over and check out my Whole Grain Bread with Hummus and Radish for an alternative version to this one. 

Now besides being oh so fresh tasting and filling, it also looks amazing, making it that bit more satisfying when consuming it! Let’s take a closer look.

whole grain bread with a knife on a chopping board portrait

To make this recipe, you will need 3 ingredients and 5 minutes. Yes, that’s it! You will also need a chopping board and a knife to cut up your cucumber. 

We start off this dish with some whole grain bread. Most whole grain breads are made similarly, but you will need to be weary of which ones you buy as some may be healthier than others. On average, you will get a good source of carbohydrates and protein. 

To finish it off, we add some hummus and cucumber. Combined, these ingredients provide us with a good source of magnesium, iron, vitamin E, folate, vitamin C, and vitamin K (just to name a few). Something so simple yet so full of the essential vitamins and minerals our bodies need – how can we say no to this! 

sliced cucumber with a knife on a chopping board portrait

Whole grain bread with hummus and cucumber is perfect for any snack or breakfast because it’s:

  • Tasty! 
  • Filling.
  • Easy to make.
  • Good source of protein – 10g per serve.
  • Low in calories – 211 per serve. 

This meal is perfect for snacking anywhere – it can be made up quickly and there is so little mess to clean up. I would recommend cutting your cucumber up at home if you do plan on taking it with you, as this will save time and the hassle of preparing anything when you really just want to eat. 

Now what are you waiting for? Go and add this one to your favorites folder (you can thank me later). Be sure to share your photos with us, we love to see them!

Whole grain bread with hummus and cucumber with fork and knife portrait

Prep time
5 minutes
Total time
Category: Breakfast, Snacks
Serves: 1
Allergens: Gluten


  • ½ cucumber (thinly sliced)
  • 2 tbsps hummus
  • 2 slices whole grain sandwich bread (toasted)


  1. Spread the hummus on the toasted bread and add the cucumber.

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