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Guest Posting Guidelines

Thank you for your interest in guest blogging for We've created these guest posting guidelines to help you to understand what content we will publish.

A word about our audience

Our audience consists of health-concious people, 75% women, between the ages of 18–45. Health, animal wellfare and the environment are their top priorities.

Your guest post needs to help them in some way.

Our favourite type of content

  • Fat burning foods
  • Superfoods
  • Nutrition tips (inflammation, energy, hormones, acidosis, brain foods, anti-aging, etc.)
  • Natural Remidies
  • Intermittent fasting
  • Healthy habits (sleep, meditation, etc)

Content Rules

1. Write long posts with original content

We are looking for articles with an absolute minimum of 2000 words, preferably 3000+, and it must be 100% unique. An article that’s too short, or lacks depth, will be not be published.

2. Be specific

We want to give our readers clear, simple, and actionable insights. Include actionable takeaways and recommended next steps. Readers care about story and engaging writing, but they also need to learn specific lessons and "to do's" from your post.

3. Backup all claims

Reference studies to back up your claims and to add substance to what you’re writing. As an example, don’t just say “blueberries are the number one source of antioxidants” and leave it at that. Provide a study to support that or provide a better understanding of what that means to the reader (but please don’t use regular websites as your reference – instead go directly to the source).

Also, note that we reference external studies by using a “number in brackets at the end of the sentence” (instead of endnotes) with a link to the external scientific abstract – like this. (1) Thus, please hyperlink the reference in the number.

4. Writing

Write content that is reader-friendly. Thus, include subheads throughout, use short sentences and paragraphs (no more than 3 sentences long), and give it an informal tone.

5. No Adverts

You can’t advertise your product, business or service within your guest post. This means do not mention your company, or link to it, or link to your company’s blog within the guest post. The point of guest posting is to show that you are a thought leader. Your only goal should be to educate our readers on a topic that helps them out.

6. Send us your bio/signature and headshot

You may include a short bio/signature/headshot section at the end of your post. This may have a link back to your website.

7. Images

Your post must have at least 1 image which will be used at the top of the post. More images is even better.

Contacting Us

If you have any questions, or an article you would like us to publish, send us an email

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